Tofu Cute Maneki Neko Amuse Lucky Bag Review

As someone who has a not-so-small collection of plashes taking over her sofa, I'm sure J would disagree that I need to bring even more into the house! Amuse is a particular weakness of mine as their range of animals is so cute, and even includes the infamous rainbow alpaca plush that was internet famous a couple years back.

Tofu Cute Maneki Neko Snacks Lucky Bag Review

If you know me, you'll know I really can't help myself when it comes to anything cutesy (kawaii!) and Japanese; especially candy. The Tofu Cute Maneki Neko Snacks Lucky Bag is basically a dream come true for me, as it gives me the opportunity to try a little bit of everything at a reduced price.

What's In My Bag: August 2016

BAG: last season Accessorize

As someone who is a little bit nosy, and loves seeing what all my other fellow bloggers and vloggers store in their bags, I thought it was time to give back a little! I have a tendency to switch up my bags throughout the month depending on circumstance, for example whether I'll be walking far, need to carry a lot or need to store anything extra, but this Accessorize tote is my favourite for day-to-day use, with its buttery yellow and super soft feel.

Rock n Roll Bride x Veronica Dearly Bride / Groom Pins

With less than 8 weeks(!) to go to the wedding, we're very much into the 'final bits' stages. Of course, that includes the stressful stuff like chasing RSVPs, organising the caterer and paying out an eye-watering amount of money but it does also include the little bits and pieces that will add the finishing touches to the day; like these adorable pins.